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Banana Strawberry and Vegan Creme Fresh

The combination of strawberry, banana, vanilla sugar powder together with vegan Creme Fresh create an easy, delicious and enchanting dessert: don't be amazed if you find yourself licking the plate😋
Servings 4


3-4 Servings

    Fruit Mixture

    Vegan Creme Fresh

    For Serving

    • strawberry for garnishing


    Fruit Mixture

    • Put in a bowl strawberry, banana, chia seeds, vanilla powdered sugar, and vanilla extract; mix well.

    Creme Fresh

    • Mix vegan sour cream with separated coconut cream; Taste and add more coconut cream if necessary.

    Assemble the dish

    • Add the Creme Fresh to the fruit bowl and mix; Taste and add more vanilla sugar powder if necessary. Cover and let rest for a quarter to half an hour to absorb flavors.

    For Serving

    • Transfer to bowls or dessert cups.
    • Garnish each dish with a strawberry: cut slices from the pointed end to the side where the leaves are - but do not cut to the end; Gently open the slices like a paper fan and place it on the dish.
      מתכון תות שדה בקרם פרש טבעוני
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